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Announcement information honesty:The market will never change,Good faith never change profile...

Gaoan ohlsson logistics co., LTDIs located in jiangxi province gaoan gaoan road188Number,The freight、Perennial companies operating various brand truck sales、The driver friend,Enough money can provide payment by installment buying a car。

The company existing liberation、Chunlan、The man、Valin,Jiang Huan、Dump,Single bridge、Two tow three,After eight rounds、The first four after four、After the first four of six、After the first four eight、After the first four 10 trucks, etc。

Company perennial callings、The old and new car。Victory by wisdom,Win by DE,We are the good faith management,Company to survive、Development,If you want to win the trust of the driver friends across the country,We must be honest! Have no choice! Our company's slogan is: The good faith to win the world ! ! !

A vehicle in the company's web site is only part of the picture、Various brand cars。Please call me my inquiry!thank yo!

Our purpose is:Good faith for this,The service is supreme!...

Agency costs:The cost of the entrusted business agent for usually200Yuan up and down。(Because is a business company agency,This province) 

The transfer fee:Transaction transfer fees in accordance with the car in the assessment out of price5‰Closed,This kind of money by buying and selling of both sides...

Gaoan ohlsson logistics co., LTD

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A mobile phone:18270629555

Address:Gaoan gaos thought wall under investigation

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    Contacts:High total  A mobile phone:18270629555  Address:Gaoan gaos thought wall under investigation