Product project

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  • Scalp care

    Scalp care


  • Product pricing

    Product pricing


  • Finalize the design product

    Finalize the design product


  • Product sales

    Product sales


  • “Cold wave”The project

    “Cold wave”The project


  • The product selected

    The product selected


  • Project development

    Project development


  • Rise in price

    Rise in price


Product project

Successful cases

Millions of boutique,All in it!

  Thirty years old this year,Chen ran to get married。Confucius say ten and stand,In the 30 s,He
In winter the weather is dry,The hair is very prone to static electricity,Your hair is completely
  Most employees lack the sense of belonging and loyalty,And the stability is poor。So the hairdresser to pass the idea to improve everybody's cognitive training,Let the staff know
  Every baby born when is a piece of white paper,On the teaching of the father mother can slowly learn to grow up,No man is born a anything
  Beauty salon decoration effect
  In order to win the broader market,In order to obtain better results,In order to achieve stable profit,Promotion is necessary,Promotion is the beauty industry

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